Cooper Design Co.


Blatantly posed photo, November, 2015.


The Cooper Design Co. is the graphic design studio of Peyton Cooper. Peyton has passion for creating, and turning ideas into reality. Specializing in logo design and branding, he strives to make your company or small business stand out with a well-rounded visual brand.


Raised in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, Peyton Cooper grew up like most kids in small town America. Riding bicycles, playing sports, and making something out of nothing. In his small community, he and his friends seen potential in their surroundings and re-worked those structures into things that they were not originally intended for. This is where it all started. Basketball was his first love and passion, but it became even stronger when he suited up for the Wildcats of the historic Buckhorn School. In his four years at Buckhorn, he fell in love, and took pride in the community and his school. A historian at heart, he is heavily influenced by his Americana roots, which carries over into his work. Living by the rule "function over fashion" Peyton keeps things simple, while still leaving a lasting impression. He has done work for clients big and small, as well as t-shirt graphics, patches, posters and is always eager to take on new challenges and opportunities as they present themselves.