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Outsider Clothing Co.


Outsider Clothing Co. was born from the frustrated minds of college kids. My buddies and I were in our first semester of college. Frustrated from the lack of creative outlets, we wanted something more than what we were getting from our community college. We branded ourselves Outsiders.

We embraced who we were. We weren't ashamed. We made a logo to represent our identities. We made a stencil of the logo and started bleaching it onto t-shirts. This is where the idea of clothing came from.

We took this idea and ran with it. The idea that if you pursue your passions, you will find success. It was from that mindset that we started printing t-shirts in my parents garage, and Outsider Clothing Co. was born.

Outsider represents the misfit in all of us. We are all unique. We all have passions. And all of us probably have felt a little out of the ordinary because of them. But we shouldn't. Outsider is here to embrace everyone that's still hanging on to that dream.

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